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Govind Bhargav was born on 4th February, 1956 in Kanpur in Shri Govind Bhargav ji a Vaishnav family, the youngest of the four children. A family steeped into tradition and highest value systems made a lifelong impact on the mind of young Govind who learnt to recite Shri Radha Krishna Bhajans at a very tender age at the feet of his mother.

Shri Govind Bhargav ji - An emotive pose Creatively inclined and versatile in the true sense, Govind who finished his schooling in 1972 from a Kanpur school, showed immense talent when he ventured into the forgotten art skills like the gold leaf work on traditional Nathdwara form of Krishna. Later he joined the prestigious Delhi School of Art and excelled as a professional designer. But his heart continued to wander back to Vrindavan. He took to classical music as an intern with the glorious late Pt. Kashinath Bodas and could often be seen singing to Krishna across the Brij Bhoomi. A sojourn of his choice on the weekends, from the hectic professional life in Delhi.

In 1982 Govind returned to his roots in Kanpur as his devotion to Shri Radha Krishna heightened with his music. His spiritual Guru Shri Purushottam Das Ji Maharaj of Vrindavan became his major inspiration in his Krishna connect.

Govind a bachelor is essentially a family man, a true karamyogi Shri Govind Bhargav ji who continued to give aesthetic direction to his family driven business, counted amongst the more respectable and ethically run enterprises in Kanpur. He strongly believes that human faculties are diverse and with holistic approach towards life one can attain much more than seems possible. This is how one explains his diversity ........ an endless journey from the ethnic arts to music, to bhajans, to bhajans for masses.

Today Govind Bhargav sings bhajans to masses. He travels accross the world enthralling thousands at each public performance. He is not a saint or a god man. Only a goodman, who wants to make a difference in your life if he can. And he sure is making that difference.

The joy of devotion He says it is not about telling people about Krishna ..... they all know him. It is about restyling the lives of good people. Lets say it's making good people better. The most conspicuous influence of Govind's musical interaction with people can be seen amongst the youth. Many young men and women have embarked upon self correction and spiritual enhancement only by simplification of lifestyle by which Krishna has a small but sure place.

Many people believe that Govind's ability to selflessly reach out to people in general is touching the chord. It is not out of place to mention that all Govind's performances are absolutely uncommercial.

Govind Bhargav is today a well known name in the world. He is believed to recited bhajans for lakhs of people during the last 12 years. His regular coverage on many of devotional TV Channels which also have international audiences, has an enormous mass appeal and a large following.

Govind is a lover of nature, well read into traditional knowledge and leads a life of simple joys which include the joy of seeing thousands of people recite in rhyme with him. Most of his bhajans are sourced from nameless treasures of devotiona poetry while some are scripted & composed by him only.

The joy of devotion



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